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A pan-fandom Fuck Yeah blog dedicated to all the kick-ass, amazing, wonderful women who are hated by their fandoms for really stupid reasons. Like the part where they have the nerve to be women who have their own stories, their own agendas, where they dare to have sexual agency or to live lives that don't revolve entirely around teh menz. Like the part where they're women. (No, seriously, fuck you, fandom.)

This is a blog for Cersei Lannister and Sansa Stark, for Natasha Romanoff, for Martha Jones and Cho Chang and Santana Lopez and Nyota Uhura and all the other fabulous women you hate. Because they're Better Than You, and that's not going to change.

Though, I guess that presupposes I was emotionally okay before any of this and according to my therapist it’s been debatable for a long time.

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 #six shades of underappreciated badass #she just does constantly awesome shit that’s mostly overlooked #holding a condom up to her aunt and father so they wouldn’t be rude to scott #calming herself down after seeing a goddamn werewolf (which was one of the best moments in the entire show) #standing her ground against a lizard monster that she’s never seen before #USING THE KANIMA VENOM TO DEFEAT A WEREWOLF WHO WAS TRYING TO KILL HER BEST FRIEND #knocking her stalker to the goddamn ground after he tried to grab her #and surviving an abusive home environment despite being cut off from her only real source of emotional support #allison fucking argent #you are incredible

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Women with a taste for blood

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awesome ladies of supernatural:
        ↳ joanna beth harvelle

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"This kind of reaction is not uncommon, for Skyler in particular and for women – often wives – on top-drawer TV dramas in general. Characters like Skyler become targets of vituperation unimaginable to their male counterparts, most of whom engage in vastly more destructive and immoral behavior every episode. By failing to indulge every whim of the the male antiheroes around whom their shows are built, the women become obstacles to those men getting exactly what they want when they want it at all times, which is the core fantasy of antihero fiction. Cold cunning, ruthlessness, rage, self-interest, a propensity for physical violence – we gender these unheroic characteristics as male, and celebrate them; passivity, bitterness, grief, emotional enmeshment, a knack for attacking and deflating egos – we gender these unheroic characteristics as female, and loathe them. Skyler White, Betty Francis, Megan Draper, Catelyn Stark, Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister, Carmela Soprano: On the sole count of “being women,” Fan Court finds you guilty as charged." —

‘Breaking Bad’ Recap: The Sky Is Falling

Been seeing some .. pretty COLORFUL critiques of characters from popular shows lately!  You don’t like them?  They deserve what because you don’t like them?  Ok.

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I have not yet got around to watching Beaking Bad so to me this is more an interesting quote on female characters in male-dominated fiction in general. I quite like anti-heroes myself! I wish it were more okay for women to be anti-heroes too, and not just the Disapproving Wife/Bitchy Girlfriend/Ice Queen.

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I must be as strong as my lady mother

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favorite spn ladieslilith

you turned yourself into a freak. a monster. and now you’re not gonna bite? i’m sorry, but that is honestly adorable.

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